Personal Training - Leicester.

Premium packages. Premium results.

More than just Personal Training.

A complete coaching endeavour based around results.

What’s different?

Full nutrition support

Nutrition plays such a huge part of reaching your fitness goals – to the extent that it cannot be overlooked.

I provide my clients with complete nutrition coaching throughout their plan – indicating what their daily macronutrients should be, example meal plans, shopping ideas etc.


Complete weekly training programme

Unlike with most “Personal Training” services, your training doesn’t stop once our sessions are over. I’ll provide you with a complete weekly programme so that you can be sure you are maximising your progress every week.

Evidence-based approach that works

If you’ve spent some time reading the content here on The Muscle Principle – you’ll know that everything is backed by scientific research. 

Cut through the BS and get the most out of your time in & out of the gym.

24/7 instant messaging / email support

There’s 168 hours in a week. Typical personal training that simply takes you through a workout and then leaves you to it just isn’t good enough.

You’ll have 24/7 instant messaging access to me with any questions.
No more guessing – I want you to smash your goals.

Can you benefit from Personal Training/Coaching?

What I specialize in:

Fat Loss

Maybe you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, or maybe it’s just that last little bit around your midsection – let’s shift it with a research-backed approach.

Muscle Gain

Feel like you need to tone up, improve your definition & so forth? Maybe you want to put on a lot of muscle mass? We can get there with a clear and concise plan.


From improving your aesthetics to your gut & intestinal health – we provide easy to implement lifestyle changes to get you results (with minimal effort!)

Athletic Performance

Need to be stronger, fitter, more powerful? Whether it’s Powerlifting, Rowing or Football – let’s get you in peak condition.

Group Training

Got a friend or two with similar goals? Benefit from increased accountability, enjoyment & motivation whilst splitting the cost!

Injury Prevention

Technique provided specific to you and your structure to help avoid injuries and keep you progressing safely.

Whatever the goal - you're covered.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before or if you’re a few weeks out from a Bodybuilding competition – I’m here to provide you with a research-backed, effective approach to training & nutrition that yields results.

Still unsure?

Get your friends/family involved!

Why not train with 1-2 friends/family members and benefit from lower prices (split the cost) and increased motivation!

No gym membership is required for personal training and so you can come with whoever you like and enjoy the fantastic facilities!

Maximum 3 persons per session.

Many offers & packages available!

Both 30 minute & 1 hour sessions available, and you’ll have access to all the facilities still upon session completion.

So if you just want to choose 30 minute sessions for a lower fee, all of the complicated & scary parts of training can be covered together and then you can complete the other parts by yourself(s)!

Book your free consultation today!

  1. Let me get to know you!
  2. Discuss your goals and see what coaching can do for you.
  3. Current analysis (Exercise, nutrition, lifestyle etc).
  4. 15-20 minute session together on the gym floor (if desired).
  5. Discussion of different packages available.
  6. Complete game-plan setup. Let’s make your goals a reality.

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Training sessions conducted at Abbey Sports & Leisure, Leicester.

No membership required for PT sessions!

You’ll have full access to the club with zero membership required during our sessions.

Functional area (battle ropes, TRX, boxing etc.)

Brand new gymnasium with state of the art equipment.

Studio space.

Free weights, olympic lifting platform, power racks & more.

Wide array of cardio equipment.

Pool, jacuzzi, sauna & steam room.

Lounge & bar area.

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