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Train Smart with TheMusclePrinciple.

Complete Customisation.

Your Training Plan is designed entirely with you in mind. Your level of experience, your goals, the equipment you have available & so on.

No cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all BS – a 100% tailored approach for each individual.



Knowledge is Power.

You’re provided with a full welcome pack outlining your plan. A 35 page Nutrition Guide explaining all of the fundamentals. A written breakdown of every exercise, set/rep & so on.

You’ll learn everything you’ll ever need to make the progress of a lifetime.


Track Everything

With the touch of a button you’ll have access to tracking sheets for everything.

By monitoring all variables from bodyweight to calories to weights/reps to sleep (and more), we can optimise your approach.

Weekly Updates & Reviews.

Weekly Check-Ins allow us to stay on top of everything as a team. I’ll be aware of anything & everything that may be impacting your training/nutrition.

From here, the necessary changes & updates can be made, alongside a detailed response & elaboration from me, every week.


24/7 Support.

As a Personal Trainer & Coach with years of experience, I fully appreciate that there can be lots of questions to ask and lots to learn.

That’s why you’ll have round the clock access to my Whatsapp to ensure that you’re never left in the dark.

Research-backed. Results driven.

Nobody wants their hard-work to go unrewarded. You’ll be following methods & principles that are scientifically proven to optimise your progress inside and outside of the gym. No more fads or fluff that sound promising but do not deliver, just a research-backed approach that allows you to get the most out of every single day.

Stop Guessing. Start Achieving.

Premium coaching that delivers you results at a price you can afford.

Everything, explained.

The idea here is to have you feel like you’re in control of optimising your progress, 24/7.

You’re never confused about what to do in the gym, what weight to lift, how to execute.

You know what your nutritional targets are and why they are what they are.

You understand how your entire plan works to get you one step closer to your goal, week in week out.

You’re provided with a complete updated program every single week. An entire nutrition guide to explain what you’re doing, with updated macros weekly. Check-ins every single week to review your progress. Everything tracked and monitored with seamless integration.

Optimised training through 100% customisation.

  • Form-checks – Proper technique is paramount for long-term progression, effective target muscle activation, and injury prevention. Simply send videos of your exercises via Whatsapp and I can provide feedback ASAP.
  • Proper programming is continuously monitored & updated to manage your volume, intensity, exercise selection & more. We ensure that you’re progressing as quick as possible.
  • Everything is bespoke to you and your circumstances. Your program fits your schedule, your available equipment, your goals etc. No cookie-cutter plans.

Enjoy your life with flexible dieting.

The idea that getting in shape requires cutting out your favourite foods and/or alcohol is completely nonsense. 

  • Follow a macronutrient based approach – absolutely no food restrictions, just a quantitative approach that works.
  • Got a social event coming up? We’ll work together to ensure that you can still have as much fun as you like without derailing you from your goals.
  • A nutrition plan that suits you. Eat what you enjoy. Eat when it’s convenient for you to eat. Enjoy better results.

Regardless of your goal, we can guarantee you a nutrition plan that you can happily adhere to every single day.

1 to 1 coaching.

When you sign up, you don’t just become another cog in a machine. You’ll work 1 on 1 with me as your Online Coach where I will be there for you every step of the way from start to finish.

The moment your application is received, you become a priority. Everything is based around you. That means the weekly reviews to your training & nutrition, full instant messaging available, scheduling based around your life.
Whatever you need to ensure you don’t feel in the dark – we’ve got you covered.

We want you to get the best results of your life.

An evidence-based approach to fitness.

No BS. Just Results.

Everything in one place.

You’re provided with a comprehensive Google Document/Sheet that will contain every single element of your plan.

Your Training Plan & Full Breakdown.

Your Training Plan Tracker, for all weights/reps/sets & notes/comments. 

Your Nutrition Targets & Step/Cardio Targets.

Your Metric Tracker, for all things daily/weekly metrics (bodyweight, calories, macros, steps etc.)

Your comprehensive Check-In Sheet.

Track your progress like never before

Everything explained comprehensively


Logbook everything to any level of detail

And so, so much more...

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Stop wasting your time

How much time have you spent browsing the net only to find contradicting information on every topic?

How much time have you spent in the gym trying different programmes, only to be underwhelmed with the results?

How much time have you spent trying different diets, only to give up and rebound because you hated every second of them?

Stop wasting your money

How much money have you spent on supplements that you’ve noticed absolutely nothing from?

How much money have you spent on diet plans that didn’t work? Or on home workout equipment that promised quick results.

How much money have you spent on cookie-cutter programmes & meal-plans, or on hour-long Personal Training sessions that you got virtually nothing from?

Start getting the results you deserve!

Coaching that goes the extra mile. Science that works. Results you can see.

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