What is The Muscle Principle?

The Muscle Principle has one simple motive: To be the one-stop resource for individuals out there looking to get leaner, bigger, stronger, sexier – whatever it may be. But how to go about this?

All information is free. Sure there are paid services available such as coaching, training programmes etc. However, nobody is required to purchase these in order to learn how to completely transform their bodies/lives.
Provide a research-backed, scientific-based approach to all things fitness related. It’s time to put an end all the BS and all the myths. This site is about giving you quality, practical information that actually works.
Technical, but not too technical. There can be a lot of jargon & numbers involved with a more evidence-based approach to fitness/nutrition. The Muscle Principle aims to cut through this and provide insight that is useful and easy to understand.

I’m just as fed up as you are at all of the contradicting information out there. The supplements that do absolutely nothing. The diet plans that have you cut out all of the foods that you enjoy. The training plans that cause imbalances, aren’t effective, and just flat out suck.

Here at The Muscle Principle, there is no catch. Everything is based around the current research to provide insight that actually leads to results. Grab a coffee, make some notes, get in the best shape of your life. That’s what I want.

But who am I?


I’m Luke, and let me just say how immensely excited I am to have you here.

As somebody with absolutely zero prior experience in web-design or web-development, getting to this point has taken a lot (and I mean, a lot) of time, work and effort. But that just makes it feel all the more brilliant that you’re here, reading this, and about to learn whatever it is you need to help you reach your fitness-related goals.

My “story”:

I digress a lot, and my life really isn’t that exciting – so I’m going to try and quickly explain to you who on earth I am and why I feel I can provide value to you and your fitness journey.

  • I began lifting weights at 16 years old (I was stick-thin and didn’t like it).
  • Discouraged by my lack of results but encouraged by my inquisitive nature, I began reading and researching EVERYTHING fitness-related, I became obsessed.
  • At age 18 I began University – where I studied for a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics. 3 years later at 21, I graduated with a First Class Honours degree.
    • At the time I wished I’d studied something relevant to exercise/nutritional science (I still do partly) – however in hindsight I realise how useful & relevant my degree actually was/is. We thoroughly studied statistical methods, econometric analysis and all this other super fun stuff which I now actually use on a weekly basis in order to delve into the contemporary nitty-gritty exercise/nutrition research. I wouldn’t be able to understand fitness the way I do now without my time at university.
  • After this I went on to work in Analytics full-time, however it left me feeling unfulfilled. So – I decided to get my Personal Training qualification in my spare-time and began building this website to help share what I’ve learnt.
  • About a year later, I quit my position there and began Personal Training/coaching full-time, and well, now we here I guess.

I also document my own fitness journey on Instagram, as well as posting a LOT of informative content that I believe could help you all – give me a follow @lukeknightspt if you’re interested.