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Losing Fat & Building Muscle during the Coronavirus Lockdown

So I'm going to approach this firstly in terms of weight (fat) loss, and then delve into the muscle gain side of things a little afterwards. That's because fat loss does not need to be affected by this lockdown one bit (there are a few exceptions, to be discussed) -...

How to: Lose fat and get lean! | The simple 3 step guide

Currently, it's January, 2019. As a Personal Trainer/Coach & avid gym-attendee, I'm surrounded by individuals motivated to get in shape and lose some fat this year. New year new you, hey? The motivation to be fitter & healthier - I like that, it makes me...

Low Carb diets for fat loss – Science says you (probably) don’t need them.

I'd say that every person on the planet who has every ventured in to the world of weight loss has encountered the idea of a "low-carb diet". We have, mainly through crappy mainstream media, deduced that carbohydrates are the cause of fat gain and limiting them (carbs)...

Protein shakes: What are they and do you need them? | Supplements 101

Protein supplementation is a massive thing these days. Protein shakes. Protein bars. Protein bread, noodles, water, everything you can think of. However they’re still so misunderstood by so many people. Thankfully, this is a topic I feel I can cover in relatively few...

How to build muscle without fat – Lean bulking macros | Macronutrients 101

It’s that time. You’ve decided you’re going to place your focus in to building muscle mass. Except, you don’t want to turn in to one of those people who says they’re bulking but has actually just gotten fat. You need a well-executed lean bulking phase.The term lean...

How to build as much muscle as possible, without steroids | Training 101

  Let's be having it then. The quick-start guide to maximising hypertrophy as a natural (drug-free) lifter. No time to read the whole thing? Comprehensive summary can be found at the bottom of the page.  Jargon buster‣Hypertrophy: Muscular hypertrophy is essentially...

Refeeds and diet breaks – Eat more food & lose more fat | When, why, how?

We’ve all been there. You’ve been dieting for a while, seeing some good progress (hopefully), but you’ve reached a plateau. The scale doesn’t seem to be moving, you’re getting hungrier by the day, frustration is building up. Why put in all this effort when it isn’t...

Optimal macros for cutting – losing body fat and getting lean | Macronutrients 101

Everybody appreciates the importance of nutrition in regards to any sort of fitness goal. If you want to lose body fat but aren’t in a calorie deficit – you’re going to get nowhere. If you want to gain as much muscle mass as possible over a particular year, but aren’t...

Optimal protein intake for bulking & cutting | Building muscle and losing fat.

Ah protein. Chances are you're aware of the "importance of protein" in relationship to muscle growth and repair. Nowadays everybody's drinking protein shakes, eating protein enhanced food and/or increasing their consumption of proteins such as chicken, fish, eggs etc...

The key to gaining muscle mass naturally – Progressive Overload | Hypertrophy 101

Hypertrophy comes down to many things: Sufficient volume, adequate calorie & protein consumption, plenty of rest etc. It's a topic that is, for obvious reasons, a huge part of The Muscle Principle. However, there's one key principle behind achieving prolonged muscle...
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