Online coaching with The Muscle Principle

Stop guessing. Start achieving.

Complete customisation.

Your training programme & nutrition plan is entirely personalized to your goals, your circumstances and your body-type.

No more one-size-fits-all plans; reach your goals in the shortest possible period via an approach that is optimised for you.


Knowledge is power.

Your plan comes with;

Complete quick-start guide outlining all of the fundamental principles behind nutrition, how to track food intake & much more.

Progression plan for your training plan, allowing you to implement your program effectively for optimal results.

App integration.

Your very own custom app:
-Track your workouts
-Track your progress
-Track your nutriton
-Video exercise tutorials
And so much more…
Everything will be assigned to you electronically & updated weekly. Have full control over your progress!

Weekly updates & reviews.

Each week your progress will be reviewed during our check-ins, whether this be a change in your circumstances, challenges you may be facing etc.
From here, we can make the necessary alterations to help you continue on the right course. You’ll always be one step ahead, every single week.

24/7 Support.

As a Personal Trainer with years of gym experience, I fully appreciate that there can be lots of questions to ask and lots to learn. That’s why you’ll have round the clock email support with private instant messaging available. You’re never left in the dark.

Research-backed. Results driven.

Nobody wants their hard-work to go unrewarded. You’ll be following methods & principles that are scientifically proven to optimise your progress inside and outside of the gym. No more fads or fluff that sound promising but do not deliver, just a research-backed approach that allows you to get the most out of every single day.

Variety of packages available!

Affordable prices. Premium packages. Guaranteed results.

Everything, explained.

The idea here is to have you feel like you’re in control of optimising your progress, 24/7.

You’re never confused about what to do in the gym, what weight to lift, how to execute.

You know what your nutritional targets are and why they are what they are.

You understand how your entire plan works to get you one step closer to your goal, week in week out.

You’re provided with a complete updated program every single week. An entire nutrition guide to explain what you’re doing, with updated macros weekly. Check-ins every single week to review your progress. Everything tracked and monitored with seamless integration.

Optimised training through 100% customisation.

  • Form-checks – Proper technique is paramount for long-term progression, effective target muscle activation, and injury prevention. Simply attach videos of your exercises in the app and I can provide feedback via message/video.
  • Proper programming is continously updated to manage your volume/intensity – we make sure you’re constantly on top of your recovery and progressing as quick as possible.
  • Everything is bespoke to you and your circumstances. Your program fits your schedule, your available equipment, your goals etc. No cookie-cutter plans.


Enjoy your life with flexible dieting.

The idea that getting in shape requires cutting out your favourite foods and/or alcohol is completely nonsense. 

  • Follow a macronutrient based approach – absolutely no food restrictions, just a quantitative approach that works.
  • Got a social event coming up? We’ll work together to ensure that you can still have as much fun as you like without derailing you from your goals.
  • A nutrition plan that suits you. Eat what you enjoy. Eat when it’s convenient for you to eat. Enjoy better results.

Regardless of your goal, we can guarantee you a nutrition plan that you can happily adhere to every single day.

1 to 1 coaching.

When you sign up, you don’t just become another cog in a machine. You’ll work 1 on 1 with me as your Online Coach where I will be there for you every step of the way from start to finish.

The moment your application is received, you become my priority. Everything is based around you. That means the weekly reviews to your training & nutrition, full instant messaging available, scheduling based around your life.
Whatever you need to ensure you don’t feel in the dark – we’ve got you covered.

We want you to get the best results of your life.

Weekly check-ins, daily communication.

You’ll have 24/7 access to me as your coach about any queries you may have.

I’ll be able to see all of your training and nutrition updates via The Muscle Principle app (integrated with Truecoach) throughout each week, where I can constantly provide feedback and assistance to ensure you maximise your progress.

On top of this, once a week we will sit down and discuss everything regarding your training and nutrition. Everything will be objectively reviewed and then any necessary changes will be made and sent to you electronically.

This is more than personal training, or a workout programme – this is a complete coaching endeavour from beginning to end, a results-driven process with no stone left unturned.

Your very own app.

Integrated with the True Coach app, you’re provided with your entire program directly to your app, every single week.

You know everthing you’re doing, every day of the week. Your schedule is managed for you, all you need to do is input your data each day (when necessary).

Alongside tracking your sessions, you can (and are encouraged) to attach videos of your lifts so that I can review and improve your technique.

Track your progress like never before

Extensive exercise tutorial video library


Log your workouts to the finest detail.

And so, so much more...

I’m interested, how does it work?

Upon successful pplication, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire – so that I can create an effective plan for you. 

This includes questions such as;

What is your training experience?
What are your goals?


Spots very limited.

Choose your coaching package below!

Available internationally, all currencies accepted.

Not yet ready for full online coaching?

»Feel like you’ve already got your training nailed? Opt for complete macronutrient/nutrition coaching!

»Already have a grasp of macronutrient manipulation but need help with training? Opt for a bespoke training programme!

Compare plans below:

Prices shown are based on the best value option – i.e 26wks of coaching (£ per month) vs 4wks coaching.
In pricing terms: “month” = 4 weeks.

Stop wasting your time

How much time have you spent browsing the net only to find contradicting information on every topic?

How much time have you spent in the gym trying different programmes, only to be underwhelmed with the results?

How much time have you spent trying different diets, only to give up and rebound because you hated every second of them?

Stop wasting your money

How much money have you spent on supplements that you’ve noticed absolutely nothing from?

How much money have you spent on diet plans that didn’t work? Or on home workout equipment that promised quick results.

How much money have you spent on cookie-cutter programmes & meal-plans, or on hour-long Personal Training sessions that you got virtually nothing from?

Start getting the results you deserve!

Coaching that goes the extra mile. Science that works. Results you can see. Prices you can afford.


Can I purchase from any country?
Yes, all packages are available internationally and can be purchased using any currency. All that I require is that you are English speaking
Can you guarantee that I see results?
I can guarantee that the approach I prescribe will be the most effective approach for you as an individual. Everything will be fully backed by research and 100% quantifiable.

However, I cannot guarantee your level of comittment, dedication and adherence. If you promise to bring your A-game, then I can promise you results.

What about if I purchase macro coaching and a training programme together?
When purchasing a custom training programme and macro coaching together – you will receive full coaching and weekly check-ins for your nutrition, but not for your training plan.

Your training progress will not be reviewed weekly and thus the plan will not be updated accordingly. Although email support is available after purchasing a training plan – this is not to be confused with coaching.

You will also not receive The Muscle Principle app – as this is only available to full online coaching customers.

What makes weekly check-ins so important?
Weekly check-ins allow me to continually monitor your progress regarding both nutrition and training. It means once a week we can sit down together and have a discussion about the previous week, both the good and the bad. At this point I will analytically review where you’re currently at and what changes need to be made to ensure we are progressing at the fastest possible rate.

They are also very useful in case you have a change of circumstances coming in the near future, so that we can effectively plan ahead and ensure you never have to give up on achieving your goals.

It is the weekly check-ins and the 24/7 instant messaging support that make this a fully personalised endeavour. We become a team where my priority is making sure you make great progress every week.

Is this for me?
If you do not have any experience lifting weights whatsoever – then you may not be able to fully benefit from coaching/training programs and I would not want you to waste your money.

Because of this, I require that individuals have at least a basic amount of experience before applying:

-Understand basic terminology (sets, reps, rest-periods etc.)
-Know how to execute basic lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press and so forth)
-Have access to a gym/enough equipment.

This will allow us to capitalise on our time together and be able to hit the ground running.

Which plan should I purchase?
In general, full online coaching is everybody’s best bet and by far the best value for money. Every single variable is continously monitored from start to finish and we become a team that work closely together with your goal in the forefront of our minds.

However – maybe you already have a training plan that you adhere to and see good results on, but your nutrition lets you down. Nutrition coaching would be a good choice for you, as we can alter your macronutrients every single week so that you are constantly maximising your potential and not leaving progress on the table. Any questions you have regarding nutriton – I’ll have you covered.

Maybe you just want to get your feet wet and start following a customised program that’s based around your goals – you don’t want a coach or continued updates, just a gym routine that you can follow that’s going going to tell you what to lift, when to lift it, and how to progress. Then you should opt for a bespoke training plan.

Feel free to shoot me an email at if you’re confused.